Cuban Wedding Customs

A Cuban marriage can be a exciting and fun way to indicate your take pleasure in. There are a variety of traditions which might be meet cuban girls connected with this style of wedding, from breaking a leg to food. Here are some of the most well-liked ones:

Money dance

One of the most crucial traditions by a Cuban wedding is the money dance. This really is a way to get the guests to assist the star of the event and groom using their expenses. In this dance, guests pin cash to the star of the wedding and groom’s clothes. The money can then be used to support pay for the honeymoon and their new lives jointly.

The bride’s apparel is an significant part of a Cuban wedding, and it symbolizes purity and innocence. It is commonly white, and adorned with pearls, lace, and beads.

Party mementos are an additional popular tradition at Cuban weddings. Guests receive handmade gifts just like Spanish hand fans or perhaps pottery of local artists.

Tossing rice

Tossing rice is a common wedding tradition in Tanque, and that represents very good good fortune and wealth. At the end for the wedding, the groom cleans away the garter and tosses it into a line of one men. The main who have catches it will eventually marry following.

Unity candle

The groom and bride light a unity candle during the wedding service, which usually represents their very own union as one. This kind of candle is normally kept by the couple for foreseeable future anniversaries.

Cutting the cake

The cake is a vital part of virtually any wedding ceremony, in fact it is usually cut during a Cuban wedding party as well. This traditions is a approach to bring the family group together and celebrate the couple’s love.

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